Becoming a Practical Visionary

Having vision is a beautiful gift and a great tool when used correctly. In business, I have learned to have a vision for where I see my company going. Then I break down the vision into practical steps to follow to achieve the vision, always realizing that it takes time and work. I love that I am a visionary and know it takes so much more than just having vision.

Ideas are literally floating around us every day. I have had people come to me with great ideas that they feel are worth so much and thinking that this idea is original. "This will make us millions", they will say... The truth is, the idea probably is great but it's not usually original and the crucial next step is putting the idea into action which most people cannot do. Ideas, creativity and having vision are the fun parts! The action is where the rubber meets the road and it is not usually easy. This is why most businesses fail. DON'T FAIL! And if you do, that is okay too!

In everything I do, I practice energetic tools...

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