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Love & The Spaces in Between is a novel about self-exploration, learning through experiences of love, overcoming challenges in life, and ultimately finding a beautiful soul connection.

Wahoo! I am so excited to announce the release of my new book, Love & The Spaces in Between! This has been a vulnerable process for me to write about my experiences with love and relationships.

Yes! I want to find my soul connection!


Yep, you can be spiritual and say f#$&! 

Come hang out with me and my beautiful friend Valerie as we talk about topics like spirituality how to embody our goddess selves, leaving religion, you name it.

This has been a long time coming and we finally sat down to make this happen just for you!


No topic is off limits!

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Are you someone who is seeking more in your life? You know there is more within you waiting to be unlocked but you are needing a guide? Let's talk and get you more embodied in your sovereign self!

Live your best life. Walk the beauty way.

Yes I'm Ready!
"That was seriously the most powerful session I have ever had. I shit you not, I had the most intimate, explosive connection with my husband after our session. There was so much from our session yesterday, it's kind of unreal!"
"That Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!!! I feel lighter. I feel like I am going to let go of not caring what people think or have any judgement towards myself...just being present and still. Thank you for helping me release things and find some light!"


"Our session was really expansive for me. I was surprised to feel the release from us cutting cords. My session with you was very powerful for me."

Shhh-It's a secret!

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