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Walking into my first Shamanic class, over 7 years ago, was life changing for me. The medicine and healing I gained has been something that will always be deep within me. I have become more of the true version of my authentic self because of this work and I am thrilled to now offer my services to you as a Shamanic healer & practitioner.

Are you someone who is seeking more in your life? You know there is more within you waiting to be unlocked but you are needing a guide? Let's talk and get you more connected and clear in your life!


"Omg! Where do I even begin? Inanda creates and holds such sacred space and is a clear vessel for whatever needs to come through the session. We’ve done deep entity extractions & clearings, journeyed to my under-world where I claimed lost parts of my self as well as my magical gifts, powerful chord cutting to people places and things that no longer serve me as well as bringing in ancestors and spirit guides. I feel so safe in the sacred space she creates that I can go DEEP into the places my soul is calling me. I’m so grateful for the facilitation Amanda has offered in my journey of finding and claiming myself. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling the call to work with her. ❤️"
"I recently had an energy work session with Inanda and it was one of the most profound and nurturing experiences. She was able to quickly land on what was being called for in the session and as a result I felt completely rejuvenated, refreshed, empowered and in my authentic feminine. It allowed me to connect deeper to my own innate self, while also connecting to the support I have that is unseen.  

I left the session feeling able to show up differently within my romantic relationship and I was able to experience some of the deepest intimacy and connection with my partner. Something that both of us had been longing for without even recognizing it."

- A

"I have been so very fortunate to have found  Inanda. I was feeling very lost, broken and needed some support . My session with Inanda was absolutely beautiful. My heart and soul needed some guidance and Inanda gave that to me. She created such a safe space for me to feel comfortable. Inanda  made me feel at ease right away with her gentle words and her calmness. She took me on such an amazing journey of finding inner peace and love within myself which I’ve never knew existed. I can’t  tell you what a difference our session has made in my life.  I’m am truly blessed and grateful for what she has given me.  My experience was so very powerful and will forever be cherished."


Love & The Spaces in Between is a novel about self-exploration, learning through experiences of love, overcoming challenges in life, and ultimately finding a beautiful sacred connection.

Do you have the ideal relationship you desire? Even if you are currently in a partnership, this book can provide some insight and self-reflecting questions that can help you in having a healthier and happier partnership.

This has been a vulnerable process for me to write about my experiences with love and relationships but I felt so called to do it! By sharing my stories my hope is that it can help you in having the sacred love you want! 


Absolutely Beautiful!

"I can’t tell you how much I love this book! Inanda’s Journey has absolutely giving me healing and comfort. Once I started reading I had a very hard time putting it down and the only reason why I put it down is because I had to go to sleep. Her words are beautifully written which gave me a sense of peace and understanding with things that I have going on in my own life.
I will continue to re-read this book over and over again. This book is an absolute gift. Thank you Inanda!"


This is must read!

"I have known Inanda Joy for probably 10+ years now and always enjoyed the time I got to visit with her. She has always been great to discuss relationships and hardships with as she is so wise, which is why I was so anxious to read her book! It consists of beautiful insights that so many will benefit from; including giving yourself love/respect you deserve, the true blessings of energy work, and of course relationship advice. I'm so grateful she was able to be vulnerable in opening up about what she has learned in her lifetime, I hope there may be a sequel one day! This entire book is so stunningly written.

Dive in if you haven't yet & then recommend to others you feel would also potentially benefit!!"

-Hannah R.

This is such a great story!

"What an amazing story, this was a page turner! I could relate to every experiences she was going through... there is no book out there like this I'm so excited to try her recommendations to help heal myself and have more self love.. this is such a great read highly highly recommend this to everyone!!!"

-Megan B.


Come hang out with me and my beautiful friend Valerie as we talk about topics like spirituality how to embody our goddess selves, leaving religion, you name it.

This has been a long time coming and we finally sat down to make this happen just for you! 

No topic is off limits!


Refreshing and enlightening!

"I enjoyed listening to Valerie and Inanda discuss the concepts behind finding oneness in duality. There are too many misconceptions and polarized beliefs that divide us as friends, family and society. Why? Is it fear, is it judgement? These conversations are a poignant reminder to utilize your wisdom and gifts to share with others. Enlightenment and an open heart bring us power but also comfort. Lean in and open your ears to a delightful and thought provoking conversation."

-Eliza L.


"You guys! This is the most genuine and empowering podcast, I love to start my morning with these ladies and a cup of coffee. I can't wait for the next episode! I feel like I have gained so much just from the first!"



Raw & Real!

"These podcasts are such a treat for me to listen to as I'm out on my daily nature bath. I truly connect and resonate with each topic, especially in these interesting times. I love the added tid bits of Shamanism mixed in. I also enjoy how these women aren't portraying themselves to be 'enlightened gurus.' Raw & Real, just how I like it!"



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