What is a Shaman?

"A Shaman in someone who can bridge the gap between the spirit world and the waking world. Someone who can see into the invisible realms and can bring light to the places that are difficult to see into." - Dannielle Bryan


As a Shamanic Practitioner I work with you in clearing the binds, the density, the grips, the holdings as well as claiming the gifts you are asking for in this life. 

My clients come to me for a variety of reasons like:
  • Clarity in their life
  • Clearing density
  • Relief from sadness, trauma, depression or anxiety
  • Relationship trauma
  • Manifesting
  • Healing
  • Cord cutting
  • And more...
Our work together can enable you to go deeper as we go into the energetic holdings and ultimately to the core binding at the root of the issue. Unlike Western medicine and therapy, our work together will not only remove the issue but (if you choose) we anchor in the new holding and clear the issue so it is no longer active but integrated into you as a healed piece. 
In my personal healing journey with this medicine, it is the most rooted and embodied healing I have every experienced. 
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"I was having trouble with sleep and anxiety. I was not sure what to expect as I had never had a session with a Shaman before. Your beautiful aura, space, and guidance quickly set any qualms I had aside. You let me know what was going on , if I had any questions, or if I just wanted to relax and let you do your thing. The drumming , the smells, the sounds… it was not long before my spirit was flying again … I do not have the words to describe my experience. I would recommend this woman and her charms, healing, energy, gifts, …what word you may choose to use… but recommend you do. I have slept so much better than I have in years after our session! Much Love."


"I recently had an energy work session with Inanda and it was one of the most profound and nurturing experiences. She was able to quickly land on what was being called for in the session and as a result I felt completely rejuvenated, refreshed, empowered and in my authentic feminine. It allowed me to connect deeper to my own innate self, while also connecting to the support I have that is unseen.  

I left the session feeling able to show up differently within my romantic relationship and I was able to experience some of the deepest intimacy and connection with my partner. Something that both of us had been longing for without even recognizing it.


"My session was breathtaking to say the least.  I was not sure what to expect but Inanda walked me through what she was doing making me feel so comfortable with her calming gentle voice. She was very professional. I found out so much about myself and how to reconnect with my inner self that wants to come out, she gave me suggestions to help me grow and practice daily. I am so blessed to be have such an amazing session, I felt so much lighter and happier then I've been in a long time, giving me some inner peace. I would highly highly recommend a session!"

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