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For a while now I have seen a place of healing that is a gathering place for people who are ready to up-level, to shift, to move more into their authentic selves.

I am excited to announce new offerings with amazing teachers and leaders in their fields.

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Soulful Saturday with Dannielle August 22nd

Mini Wheel Retreat in Zion's with Dannielle September 24-27th

Soulful Speakers Symposium March 

SOULFUL SATURDAY AUG 22nd with Dannielle

Our first class was such a success we wanted to do another one, although this class will be shorter.

Join us as we explore what the Shamanic Energy Medicine path is and how we can begin to understand and realize ourselves as Energetic Beings.  Learn simple practices and ways to shift our perception of the world with intention, giving us a different experience and practical tools for creating a new reality.

This class will be truly dedicated to the self and how we can consciously and intentionally shift our life and in turn our world. 
Our teachings will cover:
  • The triangle of disempowerment, how are we engaging with it in our world and how can we step off.
  • Breath work Meditation
  • Knowing ourselves as energetic beings
  • Having an embodied experience

You will have take home practices and handouts that will aide you in truly integrating all the knowledge learned in just one day! You will come away from this class with a new way of seeing the world and yourself.

Date: Aug 22nd from 10am -2pm
Location: Highland, UT
Cost: $60
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Gain new skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.

What I know to be true, over and over again, is that when we are willing to move beyond the mental/emotional into the realm of the energetics, we can shift and heal in one weekend what we have been chewing on for 20 years.

Using elements of the principles, practices and ceremonies from the Full Medicine Wheel – in this Mini Wheel you will learn new skills that will become a resource for you throughout your life.
Whether you are looking for healing around a specific event, old wounds and patterns, or you are wanting to cultivate and propel aspects of your life into fuller expression, you will transcend your limitations, creating greater harmony and fulfillment in your life.

During our work together we will be taking the issue or pattern at hand and moving it through a transformational process around the Medicine Wheel.

Have questions? Great let's chat! Email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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About Dannielle

Dannielle is a skilled teacher and Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine. She has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years.

Her training has taken her from a formal classroom setting to the sacred sites and jungles of Peru. She had the opportunity to work and train with The Four Winds Society, a global leader in shamanic energy medicine, for many years as the Associate Dean of the Healing the Light Body School. Dannielle has witnessed the amazing changes and healing this work has brought to literally 1,000’s of lives.

Her calling to be a shaman has been a much deeper experience than she ever expected — which has led Dannielle to fully integrate this path into all parts of her life. Her work as a teacher and practitioner, her personal practice, and how she engages life are all in alignment, creating a fulfilled, rich life experience.

Dannielle is passionate about assisting people at all levels of their soul’s journey, whether they are just beginning their self-discovery or they are looking for a deeper study and understanding.


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About Inanda Joy

For years, Inanda has been a seeker of truth. Throughout her journey in religion, various modalities, Wicca, and Reiki...she was introduced to Shamanism. Walking into her first class 7 years ago, she had no idea how transformative, impactful, and healing the year-long journey would be for her.

As a clothing business owner for 11 years, Inanda felt a deeper calling in her life and elected to follow her intuition and closed the doors to her business. Stepping into the next phase of her life, she felt called to write a book, Love & The Spaces in Between along with the decision to fully embrace her Shamanic medicine. Now as a Shamanic practitioner, Inanda feels she is stepping more into her sovereign self and embracing what her unique expression is meant to be in this life. 

Inanda has a deep belief that all aspects of our life are meant for learning and understanding the growth and expression in our lives. She has a deep passion for assisting others in finding their authentic expression to their own lives, while stepping into their unique beautiful gifts.



Come engage with other like minded individuals with a desire to heal and grow aspects within as you listen to speakers that will expand your soul and mind with new thoughts and new awareness. 

Location: Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, UT

Date: March





Soulful Saturday with Dannielle August 22nd

Mini Wheel Retreat in Zion's with Dannielle September 24-27th

Soulful Speakers Symposium February