Is Love a Choice

When I speak to youth groups one of the things I say often is, "It is great to have goals and aspirations in your life but also be open to change. Don't be afraid of allowing life to take you where it will take you." I also say, "I would bet that all adults, and you can ask them, would say that their life did not turn out the way they planned. This is one of the truths in life, life changes all the time."

When I was a teenager I had my future laid out. My main focus was to get married and have a family, make a home, etc. I didn't think much past that point in my life. Imagine my surprise to be in my late 30's, looking back, to see how I could have never predicted what unfolded. Married and divorced then married and annulled TWICE and finally married a fourth time to an amazing man. I have learned in my life to never say never.

Each of my relationships were challenging to say the least. Recently I have had several conversations with friends where I have noticed how much the topic...

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