Becoming a Practical Visionary

Having vision is a beautiful gift and a great tool when used correctly. In business, I have learned to have a vision for where I see my company going. Then I break down the vision into practical steps to follow to achieve the vision, always realizing that it takes time and work. I love that I am a visionary and know it takes so much more than just having vision.

Ideas are literally floating around us every day. I have had people come to me with great ideas that they feel are worth so much and thinking that this idea is original. "This will make us millions", they will say... The truth is, the idea probably is great but it's not usually original and the crucial next step is putting the idea into action which most people cannot do. Ideas, creativity and having vision are the fun parts! The action is where the rubber meets the road and it is not usually easy. This is why most businesses fail. DON'T FAIL! And if you do, that is okay too!

In everything I do, I practice energetic tools and I want to teach you an awesome one that I have learned and use.

You ready? This one is cool!

One of the tools I use when I have an idea, to see if it's really worth pursuing, is to check in with my god self through my chakras. Before I get into what to do, you may first be asking 'what the hell is a chakra?!?' Well, chakras are energy centers inside the body and there are 7 major chakras. Each one of them has movement, meaning, and color attached to them. They are connected to parts of us like the root chakra. Our root chakra connects us to family systems, our 'roots' and feeling grounded, etc. Our second chakra is connected to sexuality and creativity. Each chakra has connections to us, and to our god self. When these are out of balance you can feel sick, not grounded, emotional, etc. Below is an illustration showing the chakra centers in the body and the basic association. For more info on the chakra system read here:  

Let's get back to this tool that I use when I have an idea; a vision. When we take a thought and start turning it into an idea and a vision it's 'above us' and feels like it's coming from the heavens, from source or god. This idea is floating around our 8th chakra, which is above our 7th (the crown chakra). If this idea feels really good to us and it's something we want to look at following, practice this exercise.

Get in a quiet space where you are not going to be disturbed. As you practice this more and more it will become easier to do this anywhere. But for now, get into a space that is quiet and you can be undisturbed. Make sure to have a pen and paper next to you and think about your idea. Next, we are going to energetically pull this idea through each chakra. Starting above our head we would pull it into our 7th chakra (refer to the above illustration to see where each chakra is), feel your idea here for a minute. Does it feel good, expansive, or blocked and uneasy? Notice what thoughts you have, emotions and write down anything that comes to mind. If you feel a block or resistance ask yourself what it is and write down whatever comes. Remember you are wise and intuitive so trust what comes through. If nothing comes to mind that is okay too. Then pull the energy down into the 6th chakra, your third eye, feel your idea here and notice what you feel. Again write down what comes. Don't worry about what you write down, don't focus on it. Just be the gentle observer and write down what comes. Do this exercise through each chakra all the way down to the 1st. For some, this is a new idea, a new practice and so it will take time to get in-tune with what feels off and why. This is a powerful tool to use to really get in tune with if an idea is worth taking the next steps to really move forward with it.

After this exercise allow yourself to let your experience sink in. Give it a day or two or three. If there were blocks you now have the opportunity to work on clearing them or seeing that these blocks are substantial blocks that are showing you that this isn't for your best and highest good. Remember, if this idea isn't the 'right one' there will be another great idea - this I can promise you.

If after doing this exercise your idea feels really good, really free of resistance or blocks, then this is where the real journey begins! Here is where the rubber meets the road and you get to start laying plans for accomplishing your idea. Connect with someone that has experience, someone you admire or respect, to help guide you in the best way to get your business up and going. Then trust that the universe, god, has your back and move forward. Allow for flexibility and flow to go with where it takes you. I like to imagine a river. Sometimes there are no boulders or debris in its path and other times there are small rocks, huge boulders or even dams. Each time I get to look at it and see if this is something that will naturally make a new course and one I couldn't have imagined or sometimes it's there to show me that this isn't the best way. Trust your gut, trust your intuition and know you are always on your right path.


Continue to be a dreamer, a visionary, and find the practical ways to accomplish your dreams. Don't get so hung up in the dream itself that you live there as it can and will destroy your life. I have met a lot of dreamers who just can't quite get it. I believe it's because they lack the steps as to how to get there and the flexibility to be able to move with the current of the vision as it will change.

Be strategic! Be flexible and know when to step away when it's not working.


Much love to you on your journey!


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